Can the Loungers or Baby Nests be used inside a cot or bassinet? 
 We stand by the Red Nose Safe Sleep Guidelines of not having anything in the cot whilst your baby is sleeping other than a tightly tucked blanket. We do not recommend or endorse the use of our loungers or baby nests inside a cot or bassinet. 
The loungers and baby nests should be used as a stand alone pieces and always in a supervised environment. 
Are the Baby Nests safety tested?
Yes. The mattress in the Baby Nests have been tested by Choice Australia and have comply with AU/NZ Standard 8811.1:2013 Sleep Surfaces - Test for Firmness.
Are the Loungers safety tested?
There is no safety testing which existing for Loungers at this stage. The Loungers should be used in a supervised environment only and should not be used inside cots or bassinets.
Are the covers removable?
Yes! Covers are removable on Loungers and Baby Nests to make it easy to change and clean them.
Can the Loungers and Baby Nests be washed?
They sure can! Inside and outside of the Loungers and Baby Nests can be washed, just check the little tab on each which provides you with instructions on how best to wash them.
I would recommend washing the inside of the Lounger or Baby Nest by hand or on a hand wash in the machine.